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At Glabella, we have a professional duty and obligation to provide honest, transparent and upfront advice, treating you to the best of our abilities and in a way that truly benefits your skin health while also uplifting your mood, confidence and general wellbeing.

We believe in integrating only the highest quality products on the market, which are combined with our bespoke in-house treatments to transform your skin health and fulfil your aesthetic goals.

This is our Patient Promise to you at Glabella, from our Director and CEO, Caroline Kirkpatrick:

Our Patient Promise to you

I am professionally obliged to restore, enhance, maintain and protect your skin health, as well as your mental and physical health, through my aesthetic and cosmetic skills.

As an aesthetic and dental professional, I am trained to know how complex skin health can be. The interaction of my advice, products and treatments with your skin (and your life in general) makes every result enticing, exciting, fruitful and unique.

I am, therefore, honoured and feel privileged to have you in my clinic, to have your trust, and to work tirelessly to empower you through beauty and graceful ageing.

I am validated by multiple bodies and compelled by my own clinical qualification and professional body registration to:

  • Actively make the decision to work with you when administrating treatments and not on my own only.
  • Minimise any procedural risks and make medical and/or aesthetic decisions that will strictly benefit your skin health and your overall wellbeing.
  • Demonstrate my consistent commitment to and passion for learning through my annual revalidation by the respective bodies.
  • Make well-informed treatment decisions while holistically taking into account your health and wellbeing and not just the upfront monetary value.
  • Confidently say “no” to treatments which are not suitable for you, based on your medical history and/or aesthetic goals, or otherwise treatments that will not enhance your skin health and overall wellbeing.

Ultimately, I am always by your side as to me, that’s what it truly means to be a medical skin and medical aesthetic treatment specialist.

So, it is my sincere promise to you to always act in your interests and to only prescribe treatments which are beneficial to you both in the short and long term.

About us

Caroline Kirkpatrick, C.D.T Dip RCS Edin, has more than 28 years’ experience in the dental profession and has trained with Dermal Medical – the gold standard in aesthetic training. You can relax knowing that you are always working with a team of professionals who will provide your skin with the healing and nourishment it needs, while making the experience as comfortable and non-intrusive for you as possible.

We use only the highest-quality and most natural products on the market to improve and enhance your skin health – always keeping in mind your beauty and skin health goals as well as how any prescribed treatment may impact your overall wellbeing.

At Glabella, you are working with a team of professionals who always uphold the highest standards in medical skin treatments and aesthetic treatments across Edinburg.