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Dermal Fillers

is an extraordinary invention, granting us the ability to patch up, replenish, fix, and restructure. It is created from ingredients that already reside in our bodies and thus is well tolerated. At Glabella, we hold that it is a privilege to age, but that doesn’t signify we must grant ageing the capacity to dictate.

Most of us strive to maintain good health, by inspecting our nutrition and attempting to frequently exercise to retain a healthy body and mind. Consequently, opting for a treatment like filler is a method to take care of our looks and skin in a similar way. It is an established truth that looking good can boost confidence.

Our Glabella philosophy stands for wellness from the inside out, delivering natural results using advanced products. Fillmed Laboratory products are our premium brand long lasting and excellent quality.

Areas for Dermal Filler
Lip Fillers

Natural re- plumping of the lips to help lip augmentation and for the correction of perioral lines. A variety of injection techniques to enhance your lips addressing gummy smile, thin lips and rejuvenation of the peri oral area. Costing £300 for 1ml or 3 payments of £100

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Chin Fillers

Strengthening the chin is a simple and effective way to add balance to your facial features. Chin augmentation is a quick, safe and non-invasive alternative to surgery that will help you achieve a more natural, symmetrical look. Costing £350 for 1.1ml or 3 payments of £116.66

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As we age, our faces may appear sagging or drooping due to the loss of volume. Cheek fillers are a solution that help to bring back this lost volume and can even sculpt and lift the mid-face area while creating more defined cheek bones for a youthful and attractive appearance. Costing £350 for 1.1ml or 3 payments of £116.66

Cheek filler
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Nasolabial / Marionnette, A New Smile

Ageing leads to a decrease in soft-tissue volume in the central part of the face, along with a loss of elasticity to the dermis. This leads to the appearance of nasolabial and marionette lines and folds. Fortunately, a non-invasive technique with either a needle or cannula can be used to fill the lost facial volume, furthermore promote youthful skin health, and reduce the appearance of these lines and folds. Costing £350 for 1.1ml or 3 payments of £116.66

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Nose, Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Those with a misshapen nose or those needing more definition in the area can have their facial features transformed in a swift and easy way through non-surgical rhinoplasty. In addition this method of improving the shape and appearance of the nose or enhancing facial symmetry is sometimes referred to as a ‘liquid nose job’. Costing £500 for 1.1ml or 3 payments of £166.66

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Many people opt for filler injections along their jawline in order to achieve the look of a strong masculine jawline, or to produce a feminine, graceful silhouette. Our patients love this popular procedure for the dramatic effects it can create.Costing £350 for 1.1ml or 3 payments of £116.66

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Tear trough

Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes and say hello to revitalisation with tear trough treatments. These treatments are designed to naturally eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes, subsequently giving you a more refreshed, youthful look. With these treatments, you can achieve the look of renewed energy and vibrancy, allowing you to look your best! Costing £350 for 1.1ml or 3 payments of £116.66



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